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Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians (OST)

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School District Info

Early Childhood

General Program Info

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Standards Instruction

General Learning Info

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Grants and Funding

Public Policy

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Improving the effectiveness of new educators

Quality induction programs are essential to recruiting and retaining effective educators, as well as meeting statewide student achievement goals.

Newly licensed educators – and veteran educators who are new to a school or district – deserve quality training and support.

CDE supports these educators by providing funding for and approving school districts’ induction programs, and surveying new educators.

Approving induction programs

Colorado’s 178 school districts are required to provide induction programs for new educators, and new educators must successfully complete an induction program to earn a Colorado professional teaching license. Learn more about educator induction .

Providing funding

To help Colorado school districts enhance induction programs, CDE disseminates funds to districts through Title IIA of the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Learn more about how these federal funds help districts improve support to new educators.

Surveying new educators

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is an opportunity for every educator to “tell Colorado” if they have positive teaching and learning conditions that research has shown to impact student learning and teacher retention. It also asks new educators for their perceptions of their induction programs and mentoring experiences.

“Unknown Sources”

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Tourism Tracer

Dietmar Kahles About

Tourism Tracer is the largest project of its type in the world, both spatially and temporally. It is one of the most innovative and extensive research projects ever conducted into tourist travel. The Tourist Tracking Project began its life in 2016 as the Sense-T Sensing Tourist Travel study and received invaluable support from Sense-T during its early evolution.

Using smartphones and an app, we have gathered unprecedented insights into where groups of visitors go, how they move around, and what influences their decisions.For the first time, we have the ability to track how travel patterns differ according to age, home country, length of stay, reason for travel, etc. We can see detailed information on how long someone stands at a lookout, walks through a national park or browses an art gallery.There is significant value and impact to be had for government, industry and community as a result of this unique initiative.

The Project began in January 2016 and is continuing to track the precise movements of visitors to Tasmania as they travel around the state.Tourists are approached at Hobart and Launceston Airports and on board the Spirit of Tasmania to take part in the study. Visitors who are in the state from four to 14 days are eligible to take part.

Participating tourists are handed smart phones which record accurate, real-time data of their travel patterns via a purpose built app relaying GPS location information. The app also generates pop-up surveys to capture the personal insights of participants.

“This research is the largest study of its type ever to be conducted, both in terms of the length of time we are tracking tourists and also in terms of our study’s focus on an entire island… We can determine who goes to specific regions, how long they stop and what infrastructure they are using.” Dr Anne Hardy, Project Lead.

Led by researchers from the University of Tasmania, an international multi-disciplinary research team has been assembled for this innovative project, including specialists in GIS tracking and analysis, digital media marketing and decision-making, governance and evaluation, digital media use and economic valuation.

The Project proposal was designed in conjunction with the Department of State Growth , Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT), and Federal Group Tasmania , and a wider range of industry stakeholders contributed to the Project’s design.

Mes seins plutôt que français

TERRINE Amiens, France

Claire Gapenne's solo project. She makes nuke music.


Streaming and Download help

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Its like a Gregorian chant minus the Gregorian and the chant is more like an android caught in a feedback loop whilst simultaneously trying to expel a malevolent ghost who has wormed its way into its circuitry. At least ... that's the impression I get from this deliciously harrying EP. Michael Keerdo-Dawson

Old Dominion by Scant

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Embodiment by Mortal Bodies

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The Centre Cannot Hold by Ben Frost

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Threshold Of Faith EP by Ben Frost

Ben Frost's latest is the result of a marathon recording session with Steve Albini; this release is the first from that collab. Bandcamp New Notable Aug 8, 2017

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