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nike air max 97 2013 hyp reviews
nike air max 97 2013 hyp reviews
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Projects, tools and platforms at the intersection of art, media and technology

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Office Hours

Welcome to Pembroke Animal Hospital

Dr. Teixeira

Pembroke Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital whose mission is to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets. We provide friendly, informative, and supportive services for you and your pet, while maintaining a superior working environment for our employees.

The Doctors at Pembroke Animal Hospital provide medical, surgical, and dental veterinary care as well as house call and emergency services for our clients.

We serve the South Shore area and surrounding towns to include, but not limited to, Pembroke, Duxbury, Hanover, Hanson, Marshfield and Plymouth. With an in-house pharmacy, laboratory and access to specialists, our facility is capable of managingyour pet's health and medical care.

Your Pets . . . Our Family!

We are open for appointments and emergencies during normal business hours and on Saturdays.


April is Heartworm Awareness Month

You know the saying an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and never is that more true than when it comes to heartworm disease. This months HotSpot raises awareness that all pets, including cats are at risk for this deadly disease.

Click here to download this months HotSpot

Click here

Referral Program



What can we help you find?


minWordSizefor2Typos (default: 8)

As soon as the query contains at least minWordSizefor2Typos characters, the engine will allow up to two typos in matches.


typoTolerance (default: true)

This setting can have 4 different values:

true : activate typo-tolerance

false : disable typo-tolerance


min : keep only results with the lowest number of typos. For example, if the smallest number of typos found is 0, then no results with typos at all will be returned. If the smallest number of typos found is 2, then no results with more than 2 typos will be returned.

strict : same as min, but + 1, meaning, keep the 2 smallest number of typos.


Typos are counted per-word . In the case of multi-word queries, it’s possible for each query word to have up to 2 typos, according to minWordSizefor1Typo and minWordSizefor2Typo .

per-word minWordSizefor2Typo

When typoTolerance is set to strict, we force the Typo criterion to be first in the ranking formula.


When using a sort-by attribute, we recommend setting typo-tolerance to min to reduce the number of potentially irrelevant search results.


By default, Algolia does not consider singulars and plurals as matches. You can override this default behaviour by setting ignorePlurals to true.

If activated, this feature is designed to match words written in the plural form if the query is in the singular form, and vice-versa. It’s built on a dictionary of singular and plural forms of words in over eighty languages. It works for simple plurals like hand ⇄ hands as well as more complex ones like feet ⇄ foot .

This parameter accepts a boolean or array value. We recommend passing an array of the specific ISO codes of languages you target. For example:

allowTyposOnNumericTokens (default: true)

As a multifunctional company, we have an ever-expanding campus that includes numerous warehouses, a loading pit, a main office building with game room, a Production Studio, and an onsite company gym. Our campus reflects our commitment to hard, rewarding work, and we’d like to invite you on a personal tour. Take a tour

Our team is a diverse group of people with ambition, passion, and personality

Jeremy Navarre, Chief Sales Executive

A former NFL football player from the University of Maryland, Jeremy is the Chief Sales Executive at Avalanche. His big heart and unfailing energy sets the tone for our entire company. Jeremy understands that you have to inspire people to be their best to get the best from them. In addition to being the ring-leader on campus, he’s a family man with three girls and a loving wife.

Cassie Wilson graduated from Salisbury University’s Perdue School of Business with a degree in business and marketing. After moving to the Delmarva Peninsula to work summers and have fun, she fell in love with the people and the culture. She also met her husband and found her professional calling at Avalanche. Cassie has two children and believes in leading by example.

The backbone of any online retail company is its shipping department. As the VP of shipping, Eivind manages hundreds of shipments and people across multiple facilities every day. Originally from Demark, Eivind is multilingual and immigrated to America to be with his wife, Jamie. They’re expecting a little girl in August.

Jim handles both internal and external issues, from payroll and benefits to accounting. Diligent, attentive to detail, and most of all customer service oriented, he shows everyone at Avalanche the same courtesy, care, and attention. Jim is happily married and has one daughter who loves riding and showing her horse.

With years of retail experience, we know adaptability is key. Our philosophy is one-part tradition, two-parts innovation, and so is our company culture. At Avalanche, we believe dressing for success means wearing what you feel comfortable in. We also hold flexible hours to fit different internal clocks. At any given time, you can find our employees shooting pool in the game room, working out in our full, on-site gym, or staging mandatory get-out-of-your-seat-and-dance breaks. The atmosphere at Avalanche is designed to encourage, energize, and excite. From friendly weightloss competitions to our annual summer concert, we work hard and have fun doing it. Check out our fun

Celebrity News

#Roommates, we are sad to report that Nigerian singer Alizee Nielsen and her 4-year-old daughter were tragically killed.

According to The Guardian , their bodies were found in their Banana Island home in Lagos yesterday, and Alizee’s husband (a Danish citizen living in Nigeria) was arrested and accused of taking both of their lives.

Lagos State Police confirmed that he is now in police custody and an investigation has begun. “The state Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohimi, has ordered the arrest of the suspect and he is in police custody. It is pre-emptive now to ascertain the cause of the incident,” public relations officer, SP Chike Oti, said in a statement. “The CP has dispatched crime scene investigators to the place to pick evidences for analysis which can be used for prosecution. The command has also written the Embassy of the suspect that the police are investigating the case.”

Alizee was just 29 years old.

Her management, Petra Entertainment, released the following statement in response to the sad news:

“While we exercise restraint in making public comments on the circumstances surrounding the demise of Alizee and her daughter, – in order not to prejudices on-going police investigations – it has become important to correct some misinformation presently circulating in the media space. In this regard, we state that the husband of the late Nielsen Zainab Joy who is also the father of the late Nielsen Petra is Nielsen Peter Schau. Nielsen Peter Schau is a Danish citizen and not an Italian or Asian as has been reported by several media outlets.”

“We call all law enforcement agencies to speedily unravel the circumstances surrounding the demise of these vibrant Nigerians and bring all complicit persons and/or entities to justice. In the light of reports suggesting that Alizee’s husband may be under Police investigation in connection with these painful deaths, We particularly call on the Nigerian immigration Services to remain vigilant at this time and urge the cooperation of all foreign missions in the country. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the relatives of the late Zainab and Petra.”

TSR STAFF: Myeisha E.! @myeisha.essex

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