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Breathe new life into yesterday’s leftover roast veg—make a savory pot de crème. With just a few adaptations to a classic dessert recipe, Seattle pop-up chef team Brothers Co. have transformed leftovers into something truly special. Now this is how we want to get our daily serving of vegetables.

, about 8 yolks

, optional

Before We Begin

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge? They can stay in the refrigerator for up to one week. Frankly, though, we think they’ll disappear long before that.

How long can I keep these pots de crème in the fridge?

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème? Experiment with other leftover roasted veggies you have on hand. We bet a bright purple pot de crème made with roasted beets would be at least as tasty as it is beautiful.

How can I play around with the flavor of these pots de crème?

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen? There is a chance a glass jar will break—but we promise, you’ll be okay if it does. Mason jars can crack when you close them too tightly or use them too many times. Take a second to think: When did you last buy new mason jars? If your jars are older than your middle schooler, consider investing in some new glass. Otherwise, be sure to close them “fingertip tight”—instructions on that below!—and you’ll be good to go. If one breaks, your water will turn murky, but don’t sweat it. Just take that one out and let the others keep on cookin’. Can’t tell which one broke? No big deal there either. Just leave them all in until the cook time is up and figure it out once they’ve had a chance to cool.

I’m low-key worried about my mason jar breaking. Does this happen?

Remember, the water in your pot will get hot enough to cook your food—treat your work surface accordingly! Place a trivet beneath the pot to help protect your countertop, or use whatever precautions you normally would when exposing your counter to a dish, pot, or pan you just removed from the oven or stove.

Heat heavy cream in a saucepan over medium heat until it is almost simmering.

Gently crack one egg and separate the two halves over a bowl. Move the yolk back and forth between the two halves until all of the white has slipped into the bowl. Repeat with the remaining eggs.

You can use the extra whites to make this awesome ten-minute cake .

DSPS Hours

On the Main Campus: OFFICE HOURS:

On the Main Campus: OFFICE HOURS:

Chico Center Campus:

Beginning Third week of each semesterThursdays 8:00am - 4:00pmEnding the week before finals beginNO SUMMER HOURS

Glenn Center:

Beginning Third week of each semesterMondays 8:00am - 4:00pm Advance Appointments OnlyEnding the week before finals beginNO SUMMER HOURS

ACCESS Center Lab Hours:

Contact Information:


The Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) Department is the campus office responsible for determining and providing required academic accommodations for students with disabilities. The DSPS program provides support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations to students with disabilities so that they can participate as fully and benefit as equitably from the college experiences as their non-disabled peers.

Some of the services available to eligible students are listed below. Not every eligible student will qualify for every service. The accommodations that are provided to a student depend on an individual student's disability and how that disability affects their access to the education process.Examples of services available through DSPS that are in addition to those regularly offered by the College include:


Please arrive at 10 -15 mins before your scheduled appointment time.

To get more detailed information about DSPS services or Eligibility , contact the DSPS office.

JOB OPPORTUNITIES IN DSPS American Sign Language Interpreters:

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Butte College | 3536 Butte Campus Drive, Oroville CA 95965 | General Information (530) 895-2511



Even in winter Paris offers manygreat markets where you can shop like any Parisian: choose an adventure in a local market , a air jordan retro 13 sneakers news
or a food tour in the Latin quarter . If you love cooking, experience our Private Gourmet Tour and discover the warm interior of a private apartment.

gourmet tour in Aligre and Bastille food tour in the Latin quarter Private Gourmet Tour

Paris is the place to be for pastry and chocolate lovers. Wherever you are wandering, you will find a traditional bakery offering flaky croissant, a brand new trendy pastry shop or meet an artisan making his own chocolates. Follow us in one of our sweet tours and get ready to savourthe finest sweets you ever had .

pastry and chocolate lovers. our sweet tours to savourthe finest sweets you ever had

My friend, her son, my 2 daughters and I went to Madam Aurelie's house for a french pastry class. The kids are 7, 8 9 in ages. They were able to engage all the kids into(...)

Our chocolate and pastry tour was one of the highlights of our recent trip to Paris. We came home with wonderful memories about strolling with you in and out of the chocolate(...)


Succulent Paris is the story our long friendship. We started Succulent Paris10 years ago with a mutual desire to share our passion for cooking and our attachment to the Parisian way of living.

our passion for cooking our attachment to the Parisian way of living.

10 years after, we keep enjoying every minute of this succulent and Parisian adventure : to share our obsession for the best food, to search the best gourmet places in Paris, to cook with guests from all over the world and to meet new food friends and have fun !

10 years after, we keep enjoying every minute of this succulent and Parisian adventure minWordSizefor1Typo

minWordSizefor2Typos (default: 8)

As soon as the query contains at least minWordSizefor2Typos characters, the engine will allow up to two typos in matches.


typoTolerance (default: true)

This setting can have 4 different values:

true : activate typo-tolerance

false : disable typo-tolerance


min : keep only results with the lowest number of typos. For example, if the smallest number of typos found is 0, then no results with typos at all will be returned. If the smallest number of typos found is 2, then no results with more than 2 typos will be returned.

strict : same as min, but + 1, meaning, keep the 2 smallest number of typos.


Typos are counted per-word . In the case of multi-word queries, it’s possible for each query word to have up to 2 typos, according to minWordSizefor1Typo and minWordSizefor2Typo .

per-word minWordSizefor2Typo

When typoTolerance is set to strict, we force the Typo criterion to be first in the ranking formula.


When using a sort-by attribute, we recommend setting typo-tolerance to min to reduce the number of potentially irrelevant search results.


By default, Algolia does not consider singulars and plurals as matches. You can override this default behaviour by setting ignorePlurals to true.

If activated, this feature is designed to match words written in the plural form if the query is in the singular form, and vice-versa. It’s built on a dictionary of singular and plural forms of words in over eighty languages. It works for simple plurals like hand ⇄ hands as well as more complex ones like feet ⇄ foot .

This parameter accepts a boolean or array value. We recommend passing an array of the specific ISO codes of languages you target. For example:

allowTyposOnNumericTokens (default: true)

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